Degree in Mathematics and Physics, Specialist in Applied Statistics by the University Francisco of Paula Santander and Master in Education by the TECVirtual U. of the Technological System of Monterrey. In the 19 years of her service in the Pious Schools, she has served as teacher of mathematics in the primary section, Head of the Department of mathematics, Coordinator of coexistence of the primary section, Academic Coordinator and Coordinator of Quality in Calasanz School of Cucuta, Colombia, where she is currently the Principal.

Since the year 2013 she is part of the Pedagogical Council of Nazareth Province, Colombia see, as Head of the Calasanctian Quality Management. In this service she led the implementation of the Evaluation of Calasanctian Quality, oriented the design of improvement plans and currently she guides the revision of quality management systems. She participated as speaker in the First Pedagogical Calasanctian Congress Ecuador 2016, with the topic “Elements of Calasanctian Identity, engine of our innovation”.

Objective of the workshop

The workshop has as objective building in team criteria for living the shared leadership in the Pious Schools and identifying the competencies that allow creating and encouraging organizational structures as spaces of reflection and management in key of Calasanctian Quality, i.e. having as frame of reference the ten elements of the Calasanctian Identity.