Carles Ruiz Gutiérrez got a diploma in Pre-school and Primary Education. He began to work as a teacher in the Pious Schools of Sabadell in 1999, where he was part of the Pastoral Commission. He is now managing Director and teacher of the Pious Schools of Salt, from 2012, year in which this educational center located in a precarious socio-economic environment was born. Each school year it grows progressively in prefabricated modules and has the mission to raise a school where to give coverage to the poor and at the same time to economically more stable families, in a municipality that is characterized for its enormous racial, cultural and religious diversity. Therefore, he works for a center where interculturality is seen as richness and serves as progress for the inclusion of the next generations.
He also runs three courses of PFI (Programme of Formation and Insertion), with hairdressing and beautician, pastry chef and air conditioning modules, where young immigrants with school failure are prepared for the world of work or to access to vocational training courses.

Objectives of the workshop

This workshop intends to create a space that will allow us to share experiences, resources, real and functional actions to understand multiculturalism from different visions and realities, from a constructive discourse and cohesion.

  • Understand the intercultural education as a social and educational response to prepare future citizens more tolerant and empathetic.
  • Identify the different cultural realities as an opportunity for positive transformation.
  • Reflect on the role of families at school to create bridges between different cultures.
  • Share experiences and resources that strengthen cohesion in our schools.