To educate, proclaim, and to transform

“Very decent, very noble, very meritorious, very beneficial, very useful, very necessary, very rooted in our nature, very reasonable, very worthy of gratitude, very nice and very glorious”.
With these passionate words Calasanz defined education. We all who are and feel Piarist know them by hearth, and try to of give the best of us to make them true. All those who believe in education, from any place and group, should know and experience them, hopefully with the same passion that Calasanz had.
That is why, because we believe in the educational proposal of Calasanz, because we are committed to the Piarist education, we are “called to Congress”. We are looking for a Congress in which Piarist educators from all countries can meet to share our experiences and challenges, to search together the ways of renewal, to learn together from each other, to build new educational horizons for the Pious Schools.
We will ear lectures by experts, we will work in workshops of interest, we will know suggestive and inspiring experiences of all the demarcations, we will celebrate together our Piarist educational identity. Today, more than ever, in a world in deep process of transformation, we need to reflect on the contribution that the Piarist can do to, from education, to build a more just and fraternal world, and to better respond to inquiries and searches of children and young people of today and tomorrow. They are always the Center.
That is why we invite you to participate in this Congress to be held in Santiago de Chile. Thank you for your interest and above all, thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to education!

Pedro Aguado Cuesta, Father General

Congress #Coedupia2017 at Radio Maria Chile

Congress #Coedupia2017 at Radio Maria Chile

The Fr. General and the organizing team headed by Fr. Miguel del Cerro, share ideas about Congress #Coedupia2017 at Radio Maria Chile. A monographic program in which the work of the Piarists is also approached and is made a review of the situation of education in...