Jesús Garrote has a degree in Biology, a Master in family therapy, in Pedagogical Adaptation and in Emergency Medicine, as well as a coordinator of free time. He has been more than twenty years working as general director of the Eco-social project Casa Escuelas Pías Santiago Uno. Since 1992 he has been a professor of botany, etc., in Vocational Training at all levels and educator of Casas Escuela for boys of exclusion. Lecturer and teacher in Master of Social intervention with young people and adolescents in contexts of protection at the University of Salamanca, consultant in different administrations in ways of dealing with problems associated with childhood and youth and participation in several own and collective publications.

Currently representative of Non-formal Education of the Bethany Piarist Province on behalf of Father Provincial.


  • Analyze the reality of our preferential inclusive Piarist school for the poor and the most disadvantaged according to the charism of Calasanz.
  • Propose innovative models, with good practices, of integrating School Houses, offering a real opportunity for family life with positive coexistence to children and young people coming from social exclusion and aimed at emancipation.
  • Proposal of housing with an assembly function and systemic constructivist model of conflict resolution and alternative school, with professional training, work by cooperative projects, and a wide offer of socio-cultural animation, that allows to develop the multiple intelligences and to address the problems associated to social neglect.
  • Elaborate a collective writing that will be presented to the Order for possible decision-making for future projects of social education in network, where we are most needed.