Rafel Tresserras Fluvià works since 1994 at the Pious School of Olot (Province of Catalonia). Graduate in Geography and History, and in Religious Sciences. He is currently Professor of Social Science, Ethics, and Religious Culture in High School and Main Teacher in 4th year of High School. He is also the Coordinator of the Pastoral Action of the entire school and a member of the Direction Team.
Coordinator of the UNESCO group working themes of solidarity, environment and participation of students in the school.
He participates in the Grup Missió, a group that meets once a month to discuss, share, and discuss Bible texts, and relate them to the reality that surrounds us.
In the school he has made and is working in different projects, transversal some of them, or related with subjects that he imparts: from the elaboration and organization of the Pastoral Plan, until the shared leadership in the Block Person (where people who are in Pastoral teams, Emotional Ecology, Green Schools, Cooperative Groups and Health form part and work jointly) or the relationship with the schools associated to the UNESCO (XEAUC / Network of Schools Associated to UNESCO). He is a member of the NGO Fundació Educació Solidària  (Education Solidarity Foundation) integrated in the Pious Schools of Catalonia, and participates in an active way active in the Council of Cooperation of Olot.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Encourage participation and the exchange of experiences of all the teachers who are part of the workshop.
  • Consider the importance of the participation of the students in the organization and decisions of the Center, noting the spaces, activities, channels that facilitate it.
  • Analyze the pedagogical structures and functioning of schools, as guarantors and transmitters of values of democracy.
  • Analyze the possible spaces of participation of students in the school.
  • See the role of the Delegates of course, as facilitators of democratic classroom processes, and as motor of activities and school projects.
  • Draw, from the workshop, a participatory and dynamic space of all participants, the bases and the possible lines of action, which will allow us to draw the significance and the importance of the participation of students in schools.