He works in the city of Medellin as coordinator of Almata Calasanctian Christian Movement that has youth and adult groups of the Movement Calasanz; he is a member of the community of the Fraternity of the Pious Schools and Secretary of the Board of Calasanctian Identity of the Presence. He supports actions of the Pastoral of Calasanz School of Medellin.

He is currently Coordinator of Pastoral Processes of the Piarist Nazareth Province since the year 2013, leading eight (8) projects that have impact on each of the presences of the Province: management of pastoral processes, training of the pastoral teams, sacramental life, gatherings and retreats, pastoral course (School Religious Education), continuous prayer, spiritual accompaniment and Calasanz Movement. Each of the projects attends some pastoral needs of children and young people through formative paths, process concrete activities, reflections that are conducive to their personal and Christian growth Calasanctian style. Such projects are possible in their execution, thanks to the care of the pastoral teams of each work with training, spiritual life and leadership. These people invest creativity, talents, time, and resources in the pastoral service of the recipients. Together with a thoughtful pastoral team, eight essential traits that give Calasanctian pastoral identity to the actions of announcement of the Gospel in the Province and the works were identified.

In addition, he is a member of the Provincial Educational Council looking for interdisciplinarity in the school and the dialogue between the different educational efforts. He accompanies the advance in reflection and pastoral action of the Parishes with Piarist dynamics and the contribution of the Calasanz Movement to Non Formal education works.

Objective of the workshop
This workshop is intended to make an approach to the different pastoral realities of different places over the Piarist geography, naming hits, clarities, challenges and concerns that are evident there and in the pastoral agents. To recognize Christian and Calasanctian principles that inspire the Calasanctian pastoral, naming those essential features that we must take care of in any pastoral action of the Demarcations. Identifying pastoral projects of the Order and of the Demarcations that are effectively responding to the construction of the Church, as the Calasanz Movement does.

With the help of the method of seeing, illuminating, and acting, we will come closer to the Piarist Pastoral Processes.

  • Viewing to name the pastoral reality of our Piarist geography.
  • Illuminating to identify the Christian and Calasanctian fundamentals together with the essential features that give Piarist identity to our pastoral.
  • Acting to recognize pastoral actions that are responding or may respond to the construction of the Church, as movement the Calasanz does.