Ion Aranguren del Pozo, religious and Piarist priest of the Emmaus Province, lives in Granada, coordinates the Piarist presence in this city and is Titular Director of the Piarists School Cartuja Luz Casanova since September 2015. Degree in Journalism and in Theology, he is Professor of several subjects in Middle and High School. For many years he has been involved in all kind of pastoral activities in schools, as well as in the Calasanz Movement of Granada and in Emmaus Province.

In the workshop of “Full Time Schools” he intends to reflect and establish the identity of a full time school, as well as to offer a way to promote it through these objectives:

  • Analyzing all educational projects and initiatives that come together in our schools, grouping them into these three main areas: formal, non-formal and informal education.
  • Reflecting on the Full Time School model in the current Piarist paradigm.
  • Establishing criteria for talking of a Full Time School and providing a model that will help its organization.
  • Searching for sustainability to ensure this style of centers and designing the map of alliances that can ensure Full Time Schools.
  • Delve into the significance of the Christian community and its role in our works.