Hi is a doctor on Biblical Theology, with a degree in education and, as he uses to say when he introduces himself, a “chemically pure” lay person, i.e., never was seminarian or applicant in any religious congregation. Since its inception, he did his theological formation from the perspective of the vocation of a lay person at the service of the Church.

After studying theology in Chile, he travelled to Germany to do his doctoral studies, degree that he obtained in 1995 at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität in Tübingen with a dissertation on the prophets, entitled “And God lost his patience. Studies on criticism of prophetic worship”. Since 1997, he belongs to the National Commission for Biblical Pastoral Ministry of the Episcopal Conference of Chile. He has a long list of publications which include articles in journals of disclosure as scientific in Chile and abroad, and several books, one of them dedicated to the topic of humor and joy in the Bible (“Jonah and Jesus. (An approximation to the humor and joy in the Bible”, San Pablo, Santiago de Chile 2002). The theme “joy, humor and Bible” is one of the core interests in his investigative work.

Currently he performs his academic work in the Institute of Theology of the Catholic University of the Holy Conception, where he coordinates a diploma in biblical studies. From the year 2011 he is the Coordinator of the Department of Biblical Animation of Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Concepción.

At this Conference, the author will deepen in the way how Jesus is related to his disciples to generate an educational relationship that gives valuable clues for our educational action.

His lecture: The one who thinks to be a “pure blood”, throw the first stone.